Daily Brief: 2016.12.19


AMB-Fubinaca Overdoses

According to a recently released report, the drug that resulted in 18 people being hospitalized over the summer in Brooklyn has been identified as Amb-fubinaca, a synthetic cannabinoid. The drug, which carries the street name AK-47 24 Karat Gold, is 85 times as potent as the main agent in plant-grown marijuana, THC, and 50 times more potent than the first generation of K2, according to lab tests.
(Sources: New York Times, Daily Mail, New England Journal of Medicine)

Synthetic cannabinoids are said to be man-made chemicals that are applied, often sprayed, onto plant material and marketed as a “legal” high. According to various researchers, synthetic cannabinoids can be anywhere from two to 100 times more potent than THC. K2 is already illegal in New York State, and other states have banned it, but manufacturers can circumvent the law by changing the mix of chemical additives when certain substances are banned.
(Sources: Drug Free World, CNN, New York Times)

So far, more than 540 new psychoactive substances have been reported to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Of those, synthetic cannabinoids are the fastest growing class, with more than 177 identified by the agency in 2014 and 24 new synthetic cannabinoids reported by Europol in 2015.
(Source: New England Journal of Medicine)


  1. Providers are encouraged to continue to educate individuals on drugs. Drug-Free World offers several valuable educational materials that can be utilized.
  2. Individuals who appear to be exhibiting acute intoxication from these products should be referred to the Emergency Department.
  3. If necessary, the Poison Control Center may be reached at (800) 222-1222.
    (Sources: NY. gov, Drug-Free World)