Daily Brief: 2017.3.24


U-47700 Update

The drug, U-4770, which is also known as Pink, is continuing to be linked to deadly overdoses across the country. Reports from 2016 suggested that 80 deaths occurred nationwide as a result of the drug. In Indiana, the drug is believed to have killed two Bloomington residents.
(Sources: WISH TVNBC News)

U-47700, which is also known as Pink, is a legal, synthetic opiate that was developed in the mid-1970s as a potential synthetic alternative to morphine. According to reports, U-47700 is legal because of its chemical makeup. It is almost identical to regulated synthetics and mimics the effects of those synthetic opioids. Despite this, U-47700 presents significant danger to individuals that consume it because it is close to eight times more powerful than morphine. U-47700 comes in various forms and can be injected, snorted or taken orally.
(Sources: Journal TimesFox News)

Late last year, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously to ban the powerful drug. The ban is only an emergency rule; therefore, it will last until June 2017. State lawmakers will then have to take separate action to make the drug permanently illegal. Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Wyoming have already passed laws prohibiting the use of the opioid.
(Sources: FOX 59)


  1. Individuals are encouraged to avoid U-47700 as it has not been approved by the FDA, and because its effects mimic those of other dangerous synthetic opiates.
  2. Providers are encouraged to continue to educate patients regarding the risks associated with synthetic drugs.
  3. Individuals who are physically dependent on abused opioid should seek professional medical help in order to mitigate the risk of overdosing.
    (Source: SAMHSAFox News)