Indianapolis Scooter Data

A new trend in in communities across the country is the rise of electronic scooters. These personal transportation scooters have only been around for about a year, but they have brought about various headaches for emergency services, policy makers, and even some unlucky riders. Policy makers are quickly pushed to create regulations for the scooter riders and companies that have settled into countless cities and towns. Emergency services such as police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS), have all dealt with scooter situations such as riding in illegal areas, driving under the influence, and crashes with injury.

Indianapolis EMS (IEMS) started keeping track of scooter related injuries in 2018 and ultimately had to transport 75 individuals due to scooter accidents. September experienced 21 injuries, October 24, November 18, and December 12. Of the 75 who were injured on scooters, 28% admitted to drinking before riding the scooter. These numbers do not give the whole picture when it comes to scooter injuries because this data is only from IEMS and does not include data from the remaining ambulance providers in Marion County or individuals who transported themselves.

(IEMS/Channel 6)

Stephanie SullivanComment