Did you miss the April 2017 MESH Grand Rounds?

If you missed the april 12, 2017 MESH Grand Rounds on

Orlando Pulse Night Club Shootings

 You have the opportunity to view it below!

MESH thanks and acknowledges Mr. Todd Stalbaum, Paramedic, LHRM, CQM, Disaster Health & Medical Manager, ESF-8, Orange County Health Services/Office of the EMS Medical Director, Orlando, Florida for delivering and sharing this vital presentation. 

MESH also thanks the Indiana Blood Center (IBC) for hosting and filming the presentation.   Mr. Stalbaum conducted three presentations while in Indianapolis. One was to MESH partners from across Indiana;  Another was to IBC staff and laboratory partners; The third was held at Moore Restoration and was presented to a Critical Incident Stress Management class.  

Please contact MESH for more information about this and upcoming Grand Rounds events!

Click below to play the video.