The Indiana Fire and Public Safety Academy 2019 Strategy

The Indiana State Fire Marshal is happy to share with you the Indiana Fire and Public Safety Academy (Academy) 2019 Strategy. These strategic priorities are predicated on the mission of providing quality training and leadership resources to the Indiana public safety community. The Academy will provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to foster a safe and secure Indiana. In addition, the continued responsible allocation of the Regional Public Safety Fund as well as additional infrastructure funds will enhance the support of local responders as they protect and serve Hoosiers.

  • Executive Leadership: The Academy is committed to delivering leadership training via a modular approach relevant to all public safety disciplines. Courses are taught by subject matter experts using a statewide network of training locations. The modules are designed to be delivered in succession and when convenient for full-time public safety employees.

  • ACADIS: IDHS and the Academy are committed to the continual upgrading of the Acadis training software, phasing in new releases and expanding accessibility and communication pathways between instructors and students. Our first upgrade will go live next month (March). Future upgrades will continue during 2019 and 2020.

  • Recruit Academy: The Academy will provide the state a central training location for fire recruits sometime in 2020. The planning process involves identifying existing funding streams to offer coursework for newly hired firefighters seeking certification in Fire Fighter I/II, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Hazardous Materials Operations. The first recruit class tentatively is planned for late third quarter of 2020.

  • Indiana Get Alarmed Smoke Alarm Program: Indiana experienced a dramatic increase in the number of fire-related deaths in 2018 (93, up from 72 in 2017). Many of these deaths occurred in homes with no smoke alarms or inoperable smoke alarms. The State Fire Marshal’s office has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighter Grant for Fire Prevention and Safety to support the purchase and installation of 10,000 photoelectric smoke alarms and 1,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing smoke alarms during the next 18 months. Partners in this initiative include the American Red Cross, local fire departments, other state agencies and service organizations. Additionally, community risk assessments and fire prevention education programs are available.

Please take the time to review these initiatives and contact the State Fire Marshal’s office with any questions. By sharing these priorities with you, we invite your feedback and participation as we expand and enhance training resources for Indiana’s fire and public safety communities.

Best regards,

James Greeson
State Fire Marshal

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