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Through collaborative efforts with its various working groups, MESH researchers work to identify and provide objective analytical and descriptive analyses of the most pressing disaster-related policy issues facing coalition members. All of our analytical work supports our mission to enable healthcare providers to respond effectively to emergency events, and remain viable through recovery. A healthcare providers or institutions are only valuable to the community in an emergency if their business operations run smoothly and operating revenue continues to flow into the organizations. Hospitals and healthcare providers will have enough to worry about in a disaster without having to worry about the sustainability of the revenue cycle or regulatory uncertainty. MESH partners with local, county, state and federal officials to tackle some of the most complex regulatory, policy, legal and financial issues impacting successful hospital preparedness.

Research briefs are regularly provided via the MESH website and through our monthly email newsletter.

EUA Brief 151006

Third Party Liability Brief

Protected Health Information and Aviation Disasters


Healthcare Coalition Institute

Healthcare coalitions are critical to a community’s comprehensive resilience against disaster events. Traditional funding for these coalitions, however, is on the decline. The development of sustainable, community-based coalitions can insure the stability of these critical partnerships.

The Institute will focus on leadership, change management and the management challenges of developing new business models for healthcare coalitions. The transition from a government-coordinated model toward a sustainable, community coalition has many different pathways; the institute will identify some practices that smooth this road.

Planning Working Groups

Mental Health Working Group

Hospital Preparedness Officers Working Group



Hospital Preparedness Officers from our subscribing hospitals meet regularly to collaborate on policies, plans, training and education, and exercises.