Pediatric Patient Triage Cards

Pediatric Patient Triage Cards


The MESH Patient Triage Cards is a realistic triage training aid to medical and non-medical professionals and incorporates principles of START Triage. Designed from the start to mimic the type of injuries seen in mass casualty incidents. Each Triage Training Card presents signs or symptoms and vital signs with a photograph on one side for the training audience. The reverse side details the appropriate response and triage category.

The MESH Patient Triage Cards are:

  • Easy to use
  • Realistic Situations
  • Standardized color coded system
  • Set includes: 80 cards
  • Each set individually packaged

"At a meeting I attended the instructor had 2 people go outside of the room. The rest of the people got in position in a darkened room and held onto a triage card. The two outside the room had to use their phone flashlights and triage the people in the room. It was good role playing and made the education more fun."-Hope Region 2 South Dakota

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