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Domestic Nuclear Detention Office QuickStart Training Course

  • 201 N Shadeland Avenue Indianapolis, IN, 46219 United States (map)

QuickStart Course Training Focus

The DNDO QuickStart course focuses on threat awareness and radiation detection equipment applications within the preventive radiological/ nuclear detection (PRND) mission functions. Sealed radioactive sources are utilized in practical equipment exercises to reinforce detection, identification, and alarm adjudication concepts.   

QuickStart Training Mission & Purpose

The 2-day QuickStart course is designed to provide state and local stakeholders with basic R/N detection training to help develop a core R/N detection capability.

QuickStart Target Audience

Equipment operators and key leaders/management from Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Hazardous Materials (HazMat), Public Safety, and Response personnel assigned to, supporting, or overseeing duties employing radiation detection equipment operations and/or technical reachback. Jurisdictions are responsible for selecting students.

QuickStart Logistics

QuickStart will be a 2-day course to be delivered       

April 3-4th, 2019 at: Indianapolis Regional Operation Center

201 Shadeland Ave (South Side of the Building)

Indianapolis, IN 

 There is no cost to attend this course.

QuickStart Prerequisites

Students are strongly encouraged to have the basic understanding of Rad/Nuc materials. This can be done via completion of the web-based AWR-140-W WMD Radiological/ Nuclear Awareness Course, but is not required.

AWR-140-W WMD Radiological/ Nuclear Awareness Course is available at

 For more information, please contact:

Willie E. Brooks

RND Programs Coordinator

Indiana Department of Homeland Security

302 W. Washington St, E-241

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Cell: 317-296-9208